Chemie Brunschwig AG


auf dem Wolf 10

CH-4023 Basel

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Telefon: +41 61 308 91 11
Fax: +41 61 308 91 19

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Since its foundation in 1948, Chemie Brunschwig AG is a distribution company who’s main objective is to offer currently a full range of more than 1'000'000 Chemicals, Life Science and Labware products for R&D, Analytics and Production. Located in Basel, on the border to Germany and France, we employ 19 people and are proud to have a reputation as a distributor of quality products and services.

Our business consists of giving our customers (Industries, Hospitals, Universities, …) in the Swiss Market the benefit of our expertise by offering them products which are adapted to their needs and sourced from many different manufacturers from all over the world.

The product portfolio is regularly updated in order to present a wide range of innovative and cutting edge products to our customers. We also maintain our own warehouse with thousands of products on stock, to offer short delivery time.

It would be a pleasure to serve you with the required products, just call us!
  • Marken

    • Acros Organics
    • Alfa Aesar
    • Angene
    • Apollo Scientific
    • Axygen
    • BD Biosciences-Advanced Bioprocessing
    • BD Diagnostics
    • Biopredic
    • Biosolve
    • Biotium
    • CAYMAN
    • Cell Biologics
    • Cloud Clone
    • Cobetter
    • Corning
    • Cusabio
    • Elabsciences
    • Falcon
    • Fisher Chemicals
    • Fluorochem
    • Gosselin
    • J&K Scientific
    • Link Technologies
    • Microbiologics
    • NEST
    • Pan Biotech
    • Polyplus Transfection
    • Pronadisa
    • Prospec
    • Reagecon
    • Sciencell
    • SPI-bio
    • Spring Biosciences
    • Stemgent
    • Stratec Molecular
    • Toronto Research Chemicals